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Miracles Course

A Miracle Experiment

 Using Collaborative Group Consciousness to Manifest our Highest Goals

Online Workshop with Lynn Woodland


New Date is Saturday, April 26th, 11AM- 1 PM Central Time

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Minneapolis, MN

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Will You Join The Experiment?


Have you been noticing more frequent serendipities? Do you feel on the verge of something? You may have
already sent these experiences through time to yourself in Lynn Woodland’s Miracle Experiment! Join us and
see what else can happen. It may just change your life!
The Miracle Experiment is about consciousness, time, quantum science and God all woven into a lively, collaborative experiment in seeing just how far a group can push the old-paradigm reality envelope to manifest our highest good right now!

The Gifts and Power of Winter


Enjoyed the Winter Miracles Course video?

You can Audit the first online class of the Spring Quarter of The Miracles Course

Spring: Growing our Hearts’ Desires

Wednesday, March 5, 7 PM Central Time

The spring quarter of the Miracles Course is the season for cultivating passionate zest for life as well as accomplishing some of the heavy lifting of personal mastery: clarifying intention, developing will, breaking disempowering habits and awakening intuition—all of which creates the foundation for the more advanced manifesting work of summer.

Attend on your computer or by phone.

This class is part of a weekly series offered as part of the Miracles Course curriculum. This first class of the spring quarter is open to the public to audit.

 Lynn Woodland’s Miracles Course is now accepting students for the fall quarter beginning March 1.

 Everyone deserves a miraculous life. Isn’t it your turn?

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